Family Weddings

Family Weddings
Our Family Candle is a resource for including the lighting of a family unity candle in your wedding ceremony. The candle lighting ceremony may be used along with the Family Medallion presentation. It is also suitable for celebrating family holidays such as Thanksgiving gatherings. Each candle set contains a unique Family Medallion candleholder, a 9' ivory unity candle, two matching 9 1/2' candles for parents, keepsake matches for re-lighting the candle on each anniversary or holidays and directions for a candle lighting ceremony. This one of a kind holder is slightly oval measuring about 10" x 8 1/2" and about 1 inch thick. Each holder is individually hand made from ceramic and fired with a mother of pearl glaze. The set holds up to seven candles in addition to the unity candle and the candles for parents. In this order there will be 2 children's candles, but you can add more, just let us know. If there is only 1 child, we will refund the $2. Includes a certificate.

Family Wedding Package