Chaytor and I were married at Chapel One. Our original plan was to marry in Virginia Beach in November. After tons of thought and a free trip to Las Vegas (from our best man), we jumped on the Internet and found your web site. Chaytor loved the Chapel One and ordered a package for us to marry on our trip. Within two days the rest of our family were booked and on the way to Las Vegas also. If you can imagine...I could not believe it all was happening !!! Thank God for you. I called and changed our wedding package to include everyone. Then I changed our package to include more pictures, then bigger flowers. Through it all YOU were wonderful. I also arranged my make-up and hair to be done through the site. It was a complete joy. Everyone loved the wedding. It was everthing that we dreamed of. "Elvis" of course was a big hit and has made our wedding DVD a popular viewing choice every where we go. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You helped make our wedding treasured moment that we will never forget. Sincerely, Ale and Chay

We were absolutely thrilled with everything you arranged for us, for our Oct. 13th, Red Rock Wedding!!
It was just beautiful, and the girls, who did the photography, and the video, were great fun. Rev. Richard was just perfect. We arranged, per your recommendation, with Renta A Tux  to get a tux, and get us to the courthouse, and that went well, too.
The canyon was breathtaking, and you must have told the florist of the location, because, the flowers too, could not have been more suited, or beautiful! Geez, enough superlatives? It really was the best.
We're still waiting on the photos, It's been just over two weeks, and she had said ten days,  so they're probably on their way.
I've told a couple different friends of friends that they need to contact you, as they make plans of their own. Thank you so much for everything!!
Mr. and Mrs. Carl P

Hello Carlyne
Thank you for helping me with the Chapel. Everything turned out great! 
Nereida M.

I can't thank you enough for everything.  You've taken so much stress off of my shoulders! This isn't my first wedding and I was not looking forward to going through all of it again. You've been so wonderful. 
Sarah C

 Hi Carlyne, I liked to take this time to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our day a special one.  It was unforgettable, A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is very unique and beautiful we loved seeing Elvis Presley everywhere, we will never forget our experience. 
Thank you :)
Leon & Pam